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Shelley's Story

My Kids

I have been a nurse and caregiver for over 20 years, but my most fulfilling job to date has to be my job as caregiver of my 2 children.

I quit working outside of the home a year ago. I have been taking care of my children for the past 9 ½ years. They have enriched my life in so many ways. I am their caregiver, nurse, driver, PT, OT, advocate, protector and educator. Although this job doesn't pay in money, I am so rich in love and the simple things in life.

Things like clothes and labels and outward appearances don't matter to them. They truly care about the people around them, and like people who are kind and compassionate. They are the best huggers and can brighten anyone's day.

When my son was in the hospital, my daughter wouldn't leave his side. She said, "I not go home till we all go home." When my daughter was in the ER getting IVs, my son held her hand and said, "It will be ok sis." I used to work with psychiatric children, and when my kids found out that they had no stuffed animals, they donated their own to them. These things that they do and say, help me to know that all I am doing is helping them and making a difference.

We try to keep a positive attitude and keep on going. Some people may pity me as a mom of 2 disabled children, but I always say, "I'm lucky to have them". Even when I'm lifting 2 wheelchairs, going to Dr. appts, ARDs and therapy, I am so filled with love and joy. I love to see them smile and squeal with joy. I will fight for anything they need, because they show me true and unconditional love. I am privileged to be in their lives and to educate others on disability and compassion.