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Hello, my name is Teresea and I am a caregiver to my son Caleb. He is 10 years old and is totally dependent on us for all of his daily needs.

It seems like an easy question to answer "What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?", but it has many answers. For me, it's been very rewarding because having Caleb, special the way he is, makes every day a reward. With normal kids, you see the milestones pass so quickly. But with a special needs child, every milestone seems more earned and important. Losing a tooth for example, other kids get excited about the tooth fairy. My child doesn't understand this, so it's us that gets excited. Finally using a sippy cup, easy for some kids...gigantic for mine. Trying a new medication and it really helps stop his seizures...huge. Caleb finally making eye contact or turning his head when we talk...so rewarding! It's all these little things that make us slow down and enjoy life. He rewards us with teaching us to take our time and live each day to the fullest.

 I would not change being a parent of a special needs child with anyone! I'm asked all the time how I do it? I just say, God felt that I was special enough to care for him and it's just what I do. I'm rewarded with a giggle or a smile for almost anything. He may not be able to say I love you, but I know he does just by the way he looks at me and grins. I know sometimes, just by the looks we get. Not everyone understands just how precious these little ones are. I'm always happy to share and answer questions about him, because it gives me the chance to educate someone who has never dealt with what we have, that's just another example of a reward, educating others. Sure there are many ups and downs, but that goes along with any child. We just take them in stride, adjust where we have to, to accommodate Caleb and go on with life.

I guess the most rewarding thing is the fact that I got to be a mother. I miscarried my first baby and it was heartbreaking. When I found out I was pregnant again, I felt so blessed, we all did. Knowing I carried this child, felt him kick and move about, was the first of the many rewards I have received. Now watching him grow, get big and still kicking me and whoever gets in his way, hee hee..is rewarding on a daily basis. Having a child, a special child like Caleb...it's just a reward from God!

Thank you for letting me express my rewarding life.

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