Readers’ Choice Contest

Shield HealthCare is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual Readers' Choice Award Winners. With 469 amazing, inspirational stories received and 8 winners chosen in the 12th annual "What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?" story contest, the Readers' Choice Awards was the perfect way to invite the community to participate and select their favorite from the 12 contest finalists. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!

2012 Readers’ Choice Winners

Abigail D.
Professional Caregiver (LVN)

I am humbled and grateful that there are opportunities that help children stay at home instead of the hospital. With the chance to complement those ideals and improve quality of life, it is insurmountable to measure with words in regards to reward...

Virginia V.
Caregiver for her grandmother

There are times at the stores that my daughters open the door for an elderly person or someone in a wheelchair, and I can't help but wonder if they realize their youth and health will not last forever, but that someday someone will care for them the way we cared for others...

Alice R.
Caregiver for grandkids with Autism

The most rewarding thing that comes out of taking care of my grandchildren is not only the smiles, the hugs, the laughs, the silly comments, but the “I love you” that comes after spilling the juice or the look of innocence after throwing all the eggs on the floor.





Runner Up Stories

Jennifer T.
Professional Caregiver

Because Baby O can live at home with nursing care, he is thriving at life. I have been on Baby O’s journey from the beginning and he will always be an important part of my life. It is miraculous to see how far he has come...

Leticia G.
Professional Caregiver

Being with them every day, I feel as if they were my parents or grandparents. You get this unexplainable love for them and all you want is for them to be clean, loved and cared for...

Maria V.
Caregiver for her son with Autism

An ordinary day for us is like a thousand springs, we laugh like children and learn together. Autism has made us more united, has made us accomplices, has made us value life and the meaning of love...

Jessica T.
Caregiver for her daughter

My daughter is my all-star and I am her personal cheerleader, bodyguard, medic, mind reader, therapist, instructor, chauffeur, chef and most importantly her best friend...

Debora E.
Caregiver for her son

What he lacks in physical strength he makes up for in spirit, facial expressions, funny stories and ways of saying things and an overall sweet personality. He doles out kisses and hugs and “I wuv you’s” freely.

Onie W.
Caregiver for her niece

Then, I rejoiced in the blessing that she was to her mother, my family, and me. Her life would be ideal - she was not capable of ill will and offered unconditional love; she would bring out the best in all who surrounded her with love and care...

Carla H.
Caregiver for her mother

Whenever life brings me challenges that I feel are too hard to bear, all I have to do is take one look at my mom and see her courage, her strength, her outlook on life and I am filled with strength and hope.

Virginia C.
Caregiver for her mother

This is my role and duty as her daughter. The rewards are seeing a smile on her face and in her mind she is safe. The rewards are that I care for her heart and soul while she is here with us. I love my mom!

Kimberly M.
Professional Caregiver

Our patients are not the only ones that benefit, we, too, are permanently changed as our lives touch those around us with compassion, love, and respect. As life does often hold surprises for us. The rewards I have found in healthcare were not expected

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