Readers’ Choice Contest

Shield HealthCare is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Readers' Choice Award Winners. With over 300 amazing, inspirational stories received and 8 winners chosen in the 13th annual "What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?" story contest, the Readers' Choice Awards was the perfect way to invite the community to participate and select their favorite from the 12 contest finalists. Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated!

Annie H.
Caregiver for her husband

Caregiving is rewarding to me because I take care of my life long sweetheart of fifty years. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and as long as I am able to take care of him, I will. Every day is different. I am with him 24/7 and have been for the last four years...

Donna M.
Professional Caregiver

My clients have taught me that you don’t have to be the most popular, or have the most money to be happy. I have been a caregiver for almost 25 years and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Over the years, I see the progress that my clients make. When they celebrate, I celebrate, and when they pass away, I mourn the loss...

Diana M.
Caregiver for her father

When I was a child, my father’s presence made me feel secure. He was a strong and handsome man. He protected me from kids who bullied me, and pushed away adults who teased me. The recollection of my childhood is bittersweet because today my father is my lonely child...

Rosalyn E.
Caregiver for her son

The day that changed my life forever was the day I found out my only child had been hit by a car. When I found out my son was hit was struck by someone that had been drinking and driving, I felt sick. Almost two years has passed since that awful day and I am so grateful for each day...

Kae Rae A.
Caregiver for her husband

For better for worse, for richer, for poorer … till death do us part! Those are the vows I made 34 years ago to my best friend and love of my life! 25 years ago my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve watched him go from just knowing he had MS to dealing with all the struggles that go along with MS...

Carly D.
Caregiver for her grandmother

Ever since the day I was born, my grandmother was there helping to take care of me. My parents had demanding full-time jobs so every weekday, from 5 am until 5 pm, my Grandma saw to my every need. Everything changed when I was 14 and Grandma suffered from a series of strokes, losing her cherished sense of independence in one shocking instant...

Tim V.
Professional caregiver

What makes caregiving rewarding? It is the response of those who are receiving the care. When an elder hears her name called with a kind tone, she looks expectantly toward the voice and her face softens. When the daughter of a recently passed friend quickly rises to give a hug, the appreciation for her mother's care is felt, not spoken...

Iris K.
Caregiver for her daughter

I remember the moment she came into this world. She was so beautiful and perfect in every way, just as she is today. It wasn’t until she was about 2 and a half years old that her mama was told that she would be enrolled into a “Special” class until the age of 22. She also learned that she had “Angelman Syndrome”...

Freda M.
Professional caregiver

As a newly certified wound/ostomy nurse in mid 1980s, I was working in an acute surgical unit. The patient I was asked to help died after several weeks and I was thrown into a depression knowing I was not ever able to meet the challenge of her need. Several weeks after her passing, her husband showed up in my office with a brown paper bag...

Mel G.
Caregiver for his father

After my mother died, my I brought my father, who suffered from Parkinsons, to live with me in Arizona. When he started having difficulty remembering things, I took him to a specialist. Sitting in the doctor’s office, my father voiced the question I didn’t have the courage to ask. “The lab tests are conclusive, then? No mistake?” “It’s unlikely,” the doctor said quietly...

Deborah S.
Professional caregiver

My name is Deborah and I am a care partner and dietary aide in a memory care assisted living home. We have approximately 40 residents with varying degrees of dementia and Alzheimer's disease . When I began to think about what makes caregiving rewarding for me, the first thing I thought of was simply, the little things...

Darla C.
Caregiver for her son

It was early in the morning when I got a phone call from my social worker Beth. Beth asked if I would take a two year old boy with special needs into my foster home. "What special needs?" I asked. Beth explained that Joseph had Kabuki Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Joseph's needs are special, but not more special than he is...

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