2014 Grand Prize Winners
Clara's Story
Cheryl's Story   Patricia's Story
Clara S.
Igo, CA
Caregiver for her son
  Cheryl W.
Denver, CO
Caregiver for her grandmother
  Patricia G.
San Antonio, TX
Caregiver for her daughter



2014 Runners-Up
Megan's Story   Linda's Story   Tony's Story
Megan F.
San Diego, CA
Caregiver for her grandfather
  Linda K.
Boulder, CO
RN - Professional Caregiver
  Danielle B.
Brier, WA
Linda's Story   Darla's Story
Linda S.
Chicago, IL
Caregiver for her mom
  Darla V.
Houston, TX
Caregiver for her son


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We received many outstanding and heartfelt stories in this year’s Caregiver Story Contest. With just 9 winners chosen out of more than 260 inspirational submissions, Shield HealthCare is recognizing 20 of our finalists in our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Contest. After reading each caregiver’s story, choose your favorite and place your vote! Only one vote per person will be accepted.

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