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Undermine Breastfeeding

How Baby Formula Companies Undermine Breastfeeding

In this article originally published by Huffington Post Canada, learn about recommended changes to Canadian hospital policies to encourage breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding in Public

Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

What is your comfort level when it comes to breastfeeding in public? Read this article to help make plans and know what your rights are.

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More Moms Are Breastfeeding

More Moms Are Breastfeeding — But Not for Long Enough

In this article originally published on NBC News, author Maggie Fox looks into recent statistics that find that more moms are breastfeeding.

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Nutrition and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Tips: Transitioning from Your Pregnancy Diet

Check out these breastfeeding tips and recommendations for when your little one arrives, and see what you should do different from when you were pregnant.

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Breastfeeding Impacts

Potential Breastfeeding Impacts On The Community

In this article originally published by WPSD Local 6, learn about a community in Kentucky that is trying to highlight the positive impacts breastfeeding.

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Lactation Rooms

Where Breastfeeding Mothers Pumped at the Oscars Was Unacceptable

Mashable published this opinion piece about the need for lactation rooms at major events and what goals those event venues can work toward.

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Report: Breast-Feeding Increase Could Save More Than 800,000 Lives Annually

More than 1,300 studies were reviewed, including some commissioned specifically for this report, which focused on the levels and benefits of breast-feeding.

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Why Brazil Loves Breastfeeding

In this article, originally published by The Atlantic, learn about Brazil's policies that promote breastfeeding for the women of the country.

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Crib Bumpers

Ban Crib Bumpers Because of Rising Deaths, Researchers Say

In this article, originally published in HealthDay News, learn more about the reasons healthcare professionals are calling for the banning of crib bumpers.

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Breastfeeding Preemies

Breastfeeding Preemies May Reduce Risk of a Serious Eye Problem

In this article by Kathleen Doheny for learn why breastfeeding a premature infant may help reduce the risk of a serious eye problem.

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