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Teacher of Developmentally Disabled Adults Shares His Daily Rewards

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
03/23/12  9:46 PM PST

Shield HealthCare Caregiver Story Spotlight | “What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?” Contest

Story by Don H.

“In today’s hectic world of stress, pressures and life’s uncertainty, it is really a comfort to know that no matter how nice or difficult a day you may have, people with developmental disabilities can set aside their own problems and give their unconditional love and support to you no matter what the time of day or circumstance.

I have been a teacher for 12 years now and for the last three years, I have been teaching adults with intellectual deficits. Some days are very challenging, yet when one of my students come up to me for no reason, at any time, and tells me that they love me, followed with a warm, sincere hug that can change your whole way of thinking, attitude and outlook on life.

Those of us without impairment are blessed beyond belief. We are able to think without wondering what another person thinks of us; talking, walking and speaking clearly. While those who are less fortunate live life daily, forever with their shortcomings, yet are able to still be there for each other.

This is why I have not left this field to go back to cut-throat corporate America just yet. There is no price on unconditional love, especially from people who are born less fortunate. Every morning I get to work, forty-five adults cannot wait to greet me, sometimes before I can exit my car! I really feel it on the days that I have to miss being with them.

Recently, my wife and I had our first child and all of consumers were extremely happy for us. We received e-mails, cards and gifts from those who basically have little or no income! They have the biggest hearts, and are very genuine and sincere with their generosity.

How many people within a corporate office environment would cheer for you each morning when you drive up? Exactly! If that doesn’t put you in a great mood, even on a rainy day, I cannot think what would!

There is truly a purpose for their existence, and I believe it is to fill the absence of love for each human being that is missing that love each day!”