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Mom Writes A Book To Educate The Community About Autism

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
05/17/12  5:21 PM PST

Amber Fernbach is a dedicated mom on a mission. As a mother of two special needs children, her son’s Autism was the catalyst for her mission to educate the community about the characteristics of Autism.

In her book Jenna’s Brother Has Autism, Amber highlights the need for understanding in sibling peer groups to help educate those who don’t have experience or awareness of what Autism really means.

Visit Jenna’s Brother Has Autism page on Facebook for more information and daily inspiration for the Autism community.

About the author:

Amber Smerdon Fernbach is the mom of Joshua and Jessica, ages 12 and 10. Joshua has mild Autism and Jessica was diagnosed with PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified). Amber and her husband, Mike both attended Pennsylvania State University and studied Applied Behavorial Science. They credit their schooling to their ability to quickly spot abnormalities in their childrens’ development to begin early intervention services.

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