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A Moment of Loving Kindness From A WOC Nurse

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
04/15/13  7:18 PM PST

“I’m lost again, I can’t find the house for my next patient…I have a bad sense of direction. How did I become a home health nurse if I have a bad sense of direction? There it is. The house with Christmas decorations still up in March.

This is a family interrupted by illness. Devastating illness. The hospice nurse Carol has called me in as the Wound Care Specialist to help with the patients pressure ulcers. I’m here to teach her what to do. I have years of experience. Let’s get started. I’m waiting for her to turn our comatose patient so I can see the wounds on his back and solve the problem.

Carol leans forward and speaks gently into his ear, “Hi Roy, it’s me Carol, your nurse.” she lays her hand on his shoulder, she touches his forehead. “Roy, we’re going to turn you on your side, the specialist is here to take care of your wounds. Is that OK Roy? We’ll be gentle.”

That interaction that I’ve seen a thousand times, is now etched in my brain. I was there to witness that moment of human loving kindness. I was there to relearn from my friend Carol the reason I do my job. I am a nurse to bring comfort in times of suffering. I was there that day to learn from her.” – Sharon W.

Thank you, Sharon, for taking us on a journey into the home of one of your patients and for sharing this moment with us.

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