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Unconditional Love Through The Eyes Of A Nurse

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
03/10/14  10:35 PM PST
Shield HealthCare Caregiver Story Contest Winner Amanda M.

Shield HealthCare “What Makes Caregiving Rewarding?” Story Contest 2013 Runner Up Spotlight:

“I have been a nurse for about 17 years. Deep in my heart I always knew I wanted to be nurturing and helpful to others who needed me. I had no idea where this career would take me. I never did it for the money, although it certainly helped me during my most difficult moments. Nursing took me to another level as a human being. I discovered indescribable feelings about myself: motivation, drive, energy, devotion, determination, spontaneity, compassion, and the need to protect those most vulnerable and in need. Most importantly, I discovered unconditional love.

Yes, I am talking about caring for my mom. She had a stroke about 4 years ago; has right-sided hemiparesis and dysphagia; requiring total care. She’s been hospitalized twice in her life during my lifetime for pneumonia and sepsis (a very frightening close call). My older brother, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, lives with her. He is also very sick due to his depression related to his diabetes and the fact that he does not keep up with his medication regimen. It is a very stressful situation for me, working full time (10 hours/day) and supporting myself, yet I make time to buy their groceries, cook meals, and do housekeeping for them.

I have to deal with a lot of drama with my own siblings due to their lack of support. I am the 13th out of 14 children, yet they leave it all up to me in regards to my mom’s care, etc. Regardless of their lack of compassion and their busy lives, I have my mom’s back and I know she is grateful, even if she cannot verbalize it. She was there for me and now I am there for her. She deserves so much for caring for her 14 children, always leaving herself for last. Growing up, I observed how she devoted herself to us and still made time for those in need. She taught me a lot, the most important thing being giving and helpful to those in need, expecting nothing in return.

This is why each time I do care for others, and especially my mom, I cannot help but feel this invigorating rush. And, at the end of the day when she’s been changed, bathed, and all her needs met, I feel a sense of peacefulness and satisfaction. When I get ready to leave and bend over her hospital bed to kiss her good night, I ask her to bless me…….she struggles to say it……but she says it, “God bless you”…. and smiles. That is the greatest feeling ever! I am blessed to care and provide for her.

This is what caregiving is all about: whether it’s your relative or not, giving part of yourself to someone in need and watching how it impacts them. Whether they are able to communicate verbally or not, one knows and feels their appreciation. It’s priceless and so rewarding.” – Amanda M., Hayward, CA

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  1. Posted March 15, 2014 at 3:32 am PST

    What a great story. Caregiving can be rewarding but it is not easy. And it should be commended more than it is. Thank you for the positive article. It is necessary that caregivers are aware of the effect they can have on lives and how special they are for doing so. Thanks for the share!!!

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