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Why I Became a Certified Nursing Assistant

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
05/11/16  1:57 PM PST
certified nursing assistant

Why I Became a Certified Nursing Assistant

The first day I went into home health care, I didn’t know what to expect. I felt unprepared coming out of school. There are no courses on how to be a good certified nursing assistant. I immediately found confidence when I asked myself, “Why did I even become a certified nursing assistant?”

I had three main reasons to answer that question. First, I knew that I wanted to give back. Second, I wanted the chance to make a difference. Lastly, I wanted to find hope, even if it was to receive a smile. Going back to my first day, I had no idea it would impact my life forever. My first client was an elderly man, whom went by the nickname Papa. I would describe Papa as a sweet, loving and caring man. He was a delight to be around. Papa didn’t allow his health condition to bring him down.

I believe, “We all have our battles, yet some of us have to face more difficult ones.” I felt sympathy for him, yet I wanted to find hope that he would get well. During the time I was of help, I felt like I was in another realm. I told myself, “This is it, this is reality.”

“Life is not always roses and rainbows.” I was living in Papa’s world and I was just being a part of it. Sadly, Papa’s health took a turn for the worst and he ended up passing away.

I truly wanted to make a difference in his life, yet I didn’t expect that Papa would make such an impact on mine. I was rewarded in many ways from him. My list of three main reasons of becoming a certified nursing assistant suddenly grew into several reasons. I developed a relationship with him and his loving family. Papa shared many life experiences with me. We both had a form of respect for one another.

I have to say, being a certified nurse assistant is one of the most gratifying times in my life. I believe, “What you love makes your soul rich.”


Special thanks to Gina in Colorado for sharing this inspiring personal story.

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