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Meet Kathy Lofton: Caregiver Documentary Filmmaker

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
05/19/16  3:13 PM PST

Meet Kathy Lofton: Caregiver Documentary Filmmaker

As a passionate caregiver and advocate for people caring for medically fragile loved ones, Kathy Lofton was inspired to make a caregiver documentary. Her mission is to share what she’s learned as a family caregiver and bring fellow caregiver stories into focus as a learning tool. Kathy’s film stresses the importance of being prepared for a caregiving role.

Kathy’s caregiving journey began when her father had a stroke during the holidays in 2012. Her role evolved from an avid researcher wanting to learn more and find ways to make life better to exchanging information with other caregivers. Kathy’s passion and knowledge became a magnet for the caregiving community and created a sense of purpose as a source of advice and guidance.

The connections Kathy made with caregivers in similar situations sparked her idea to make a documentary. “I am a Caregiver” highlights the journeys of five family caregivers, following their lives and how they cope with challenges and embrace the blessings of their role.

Shield HealthCare had the honor and pleasure of meeting Kathy Lofton at the 2016 Life Fest Film Festival, where “I am a Caregiver” was featured as an official selection. Life Fest is an unmatched, world-wide film festival dedicated to highlighting films which affirm the importance of the human experience and the unique value of every life.

Life Fest Film Festival 2016 - Caregiver Documentary Screening with Kathy Lofton

Watch the Shield HealthCare interview with Kathy Lofton to learn more about her caregiver documentary and hear her valuable advice for caregivers…

Read Kathy’s story about caring for her father: Becoming Dad’s Caregiver



  1. Posted May 19, 2016 at 6:08 pm PDT

    Please to meet you Kathy Lofton, I myself is a Dad’s Caregiver for now going on 7yrs now, in which he had a stroke also. He is now 93yrs and is a handful 24/7 care. But I love him so much. Dad is my life now. I got a good long story to tell on how I became his caregiver.

  2. Kathy O. Lofton
    Posted July 7, 2016 at 12:12 pm PDT

    Hi, Joselius! Pleased to meet you as well! You are one of many heros on the parental caregiving front. You are an angel among us in everyday living.

    I know the work and sacrifice you put in to show love and care for your father. It is a 7 years well spent in the big scheme of things. Thank you for what you do. Like me, you have a big heart.

    I hope to be able to develop a televised forum so I can capture stories such as yours to be told to the public. They lack understanding and empathy on this indispensable role. Your voice and others can make a difference in changing that view.

    Stay the course. Kathy

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