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Caring For My Husband After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
07/29/16  11:43 AM PST
traumatic brain injury caregiver

Caring For My Husband After A Traumatic Brain Injury

Nine years ago, I would not have thought caregiving was rewarding. One day I was working a job I loved, the next I was a full-time caregiver after my husband was injured on the job with a traumatic brain injury.

We were told initially that my husband would recover in “two weeks.”

Two months later, I was ready to tear my graying hair out. I knew I needed help. I had attended a health fair and picked up information about Del Mar Caregivers. I had no idea what a caregiver was and I thought, oh goodie, while I sit by my husband’s bed I will write my Great American Novel and learn to play the guitar. WRONG!

Between trying to juggle his needs with the worry of finances and advocating for him with the medical field and the insurance company, my days were more than full. Del Mar Caregivers shared with me tools on how to get through this, (and they still are), and the importance of even taking 5 minutes a day to stop and smell the roses and the support has been incredible.

My life has changed but I would not trade this for anything in the world. I learned how to love others, have empathy for others and to sort out what is important and what is not in life. I learned that despite my own plans, I had to be flexible and I also had to stay organized. 99% of brain injury families end in divorce. It was our goal to make sure that didn’t happen to us. I love my husband more than the day we married if that is possible.

The rewards? Oh so many. I have become a better person because of this and while I would never have wanted any of this for my husband, or myself, we’ve truly learned how to turn lemons into lemonade…and…to stop and smell the roses.

Story by Jane P. in California