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Five Acts of Kindness to Support a Family Caregiver

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
11/08/16  11:07 AM PST
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According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, there are approximately:

  • 5 million caregivers providing unpaid care to an adult or child
  • 85% caring for a relative or loved one
  • 4 in 10 (40%) caregivers in high-burden situations

What do we know about the typical family caregiver? They are talented multi-taskers, managing medications/medical needs, household routines and attention to other family members. The labor of love works around the clock and more often than not, proper rest is a luxury. Self-care is rarely the top priority and taking a break is never as easy as it sounds.

How can we support a family caregiver? Through thoughtful acts of kindness, we can make a meaningful difference and be a source of encouragement in the life of a family caregiver.

Five Acts of Kindness to Support a Family Caregiver

Act 1 –  Deliver a hot meal on a Sunday afternoon to ease the load for the coming week.     

Idea: A lasagna tray or casserole-style dish can be enjoyed over a few days. Add a variety of vegetables to the dish to make it an all-in-one, balanced meal.

Act 2Offer assistance with household chores.    

Idea: Whether one day a month or as often as you’re able, lend a hand with dusting, mopping, kitchen clean-up or washing linens.

Act 3 Help with a grocery run or other important errand.   

Idea: Chances are, there’s a shopping list or a prescription that needs to be picked up. Offering your help with errands could be a great time-saver.

Act 4Visit and chat.     

Idea:  Offering your friendship and listening ears can be very supportive. Bring a batch of cookies or fresh flowers for the home as an added thoughtful gesture.

Act 5 – Provide respite care.      

Idea:  Caregivers can benefit from a break, whether for just a few hours or longer. By giving of your time, care and support, a caregiver may appreciate some time to spend on personal care, enjoying an outing or shopping trip.

No matter how you to choose to support a family caregiver, your effort is sure to be appreciated and will make a priceless difference!

Source:  Caregiving in the U.S. 2015.

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  1. Posted February 16, 2017 at 8:38 pm PST

    -didn’t know Shield has informative website. Caregiving IS thankless ‘career’ for some of us. For some, it’s JUST a job they can {and will} leave. Have been caring for my 28-yr-old PROFOUNDLY disabled, legally blind child for all her life ,whom HAS outlived life expectancy. Did have other careers earlier in life. Ultimately, gave up prior careers to care for my adult child {since no one, no agency} has EVER stepped up to assist where NEEDED. Many ONLY offer ‘help’ where help is not ‘needed’. Go figure? Right? Such a waste of “paid” employees who do NOTHING worthy for those who TRULY NEED help.

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