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Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner: Krystenn

Danny Nguyen
Author | Shield HealthCare
03/04/21  2:29 PM PST
Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner: Krystenn

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Krystenn from Fresno, California.

Before this pandemic caregiving was very different. Being able to hug your client or in my case my disabled daughter was not something you had to think twice about. Wearing a mask was very confusing to my daughter at first, she was used to seeing faces and smiles and that was comfort for her as I am sure it was for all of our clients or patients and loved ones that we care for on a daily basis! Health and safety precautions have always been a top priority for any caregiver but now it is double the priority and a must! In the beginning of all this proper PPE was so hard to find that at times I was frightened that I wouldn’t have what I needed to protect myself as well as my daughter! But In all this process one thing I can say that I have learned is that COVID-19 has taught me that caregiving is one of the most important professions that we as caregivers have had to throw ourselves on the front lines no matter what the situation was because the people we care for need us and we could not just look the other way because we were scared of getting the virus in my own experience I wanted to protect the people around me even more than myself! Being a caregiver for my daughter during this COVID-19 crisis has been difficult she has been stuck at home for 9 plus months no school no play dates no other family and if that is our reality, I can just imagine other clients and caregivers’ realities. Us caregivers have had to improvise ways to make life easier and less lonely for not only the people we care for but for ourselves we have had to make new ways to stay sane and happy! COVID-19 has had a high impact on caregiving we do have to use more caution and make this our new normal! One day life will go back to the way it used to be, but we will never forget what this pandemic has done it has taken a toll on Everyone and I do believe in my opinion that we will stay cautious in health and safety in all our daily endeavors! 

Winners were selected by a panel of independent judges: Margarita Bermudez, the Manager of Professional Training and Healthcare Services at Alzheimer’s Los Angeles; Leigh Ellen Key, Executive Director for Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, South Texas and Louisiana/Mississippi Chapters; and Kelly Sparks, a retired CWOCN from Dignity Health. Click here to learn more.


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  1. Gabriela Lozano
    Posted March 4, 2021 at 7:37 pm PST

    God bless your daughter! What an Angel.

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