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Caregivers Part 1: Healthcare Workers

Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
10/19/22  6:30 AM PST
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I recently had the privilege of sharing The Rebellious Recovery at the Providence St. Joseph’s Culture of Caring celebration—a week-long event focused on inspiring and educating their vast network of health-caregivers.

My family and I were graciously welcomed into their community of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and spiritual leaders as an example of their impact on lives like mine. It was an immense feeling to read aloud a page from my book written specifically for them—to pay homage to all those professionals who not only saved my life, but seeded me with optimism and hope during my darkest hours, and empowered me with knowledge.

The Rebellious Recovery, pg. 29:

The Gate Keepers

Youre safe now, Aaron and doing so well, dont give up!” “You never know how far you can go, unless you try, right?” “Visualize your body and believe you can heal—the body is capable of miraculous things.” “We honestly dont know how much function will return, but were here to help you get as much as possible.” “Youre strong, you can do this!” “Become a student of your body, Aaron.”

 These were just a few of the many encouraging words by most of the hospital staff who cared for me early on and into rehabilitation. It was their compassion and composed nature that nurtured me at a time when my body was most fragile and my mind most vulnerable. I was scared and uncertain and fearful of my future, but because of those doctors, nurses and therapists, the upward trajectory of my life was set in motion at my bedside.

 Those caregivers are my unsung heroes—healthcare professionals who chose this line of work—noble empaths who not only saved my life but seeded me with optimism and hope and empowered me with knowledge.

 I respect and admire these men and women and hope to reciprocate my gratitude by recognizing and reminding these stewards of their power—as they are the gatekeepers of influence, the earth angels among us that protect and heal, teach and guide us up and forward, away from pain and suffering.

 We often hear the cliche “It takes a village” when referring to a great achievement, but in the context of trauma and recovery from it, the “village” or the community of caregivers among us are our only hope and way forward.

Without a doubt it was the loving hands and sturdy shoulders of those healthcare workers who cared for me that lifted me at my lowest and supported my healing. As I wrote in my memoir, they saved my life.

To all our healthcare workers: thank you. May we, as survivors, open our arms to these generous folk and pay forward their influence by honoring their gifts with our thoughts, our words, and our actions.

Today, take a moment to thank your doctor, hug your nurse and remind them of your gratitude.

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