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Think Outside the Box

Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner Grace: Think Outside the Box

Grace D. is from Mill Valley, CA. Grace provided the following biography: “Originally from...

Aimee Sharp
Best Life

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Valentina: Give Them the Best Life

Valentina D. is from Rohnert Park, CA. She has been caring for her elderly mother for many years....

Aimee Sharp
Attitude Adjustment

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Gail: Attitude Adjustment

Gail S. is from Windthorst, TX (North Texas) is a wife and mother of six adult children, and she and...

Aimee Sharp
Be Humble

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Emma: Be Humble

Emma M. is from Naperville, IL. We’ll be posting a picture of her next week. Emma provided the...

Aimee Sharp
Live Bravely

Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner Linda: Live Bravely

Linda S. is from Phelan, CA. Linda provided the following biography: “Linda is the wife of...

Aimee Sharp

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Linda: Zippers

Linda S. is from Highland, CA. She provided the following biography: “My husband and I have...

Aimee Sharp
Go Electronic

Caregiver Contest Grand Prize Winner Kathy: Go Electronic

Kathy M. provided the following biography: ” I live with my two sons, husband, and dad (ages...

Aimee Sharp

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Jayne: Humor, Dignity and Patience

Jayne H. is from La Mesa, CA. Jayne provided the following biography: “My husband, Marty, was...

Aimee Sharp
Caregiver Contest Judges

Meet the Judges for Shield HealthCare’s 2018/2019 Caregiver Contest

We were so lucky to have a wonderfully diverse group to judge our Caregiver Contest this year! We...

Aimee Sharp
Caregiver Needs

The Three Friends Every Caregiver Needs

By Lillian Flakes, originally published on DifferentDream.com Do you know what friends every...

Aimee Sharp
Reducing the Stigma: Social and Emotional Challenges of Living with Incontinence Webinar: April 24
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