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When Days Are Long

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Heather: When Days Are Long

Our 2017 Caregiver Contest Winners are here! Read Heather R.'s advice about what to do when days are long and why it's important to love yourself.

Aimee Sharp
Buddy System

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Lindsay: The Buddy System

Our 2017 Caregiver Contest Winners are here! Read Lindsay M.'s advice about the buddy system and remembering to breathe and reflect.

Aimee Sharp
Be Kind

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Gina: Be Kind

Our 2017 Caregiver Contest Winners are here! Read Gina H.'s advice about how important it is to be kind, to ourselves and others.

Aimee Sharp
Active Listening

Caregiver Contest Runner Up Katy: Active Listening

Our 2017 Caregiver Contest Winners are here! Read Katy M.'s advice about active listening and involving the person you care for in their own care.

Aimee Sharp

Meet the Judges for Shield HealthCare’s 2017 Caregiver Contest

    We had a great crew to judge our Caregiver Contest this year! First up, Sandra...

Aimee Sharp
What is fragile X syndrome

What is Fragile X Syndrome?

What is fragile X syndrome? Fragile X syndrome is one of the most common forms of an inherited developmental disability. It is caused by a mutation in...

Taylor Snell
Proper Care After a Heart Attack

Get Back on Track: Proper Care After a Heart Attack

You may be unsure how to provide proper care after you've suffered a heart attack, but changes in your daily routine can help assist with recovery.

Taylor Snell
family caregivers

RAISE Family Caregivers Act: Hope for Burned Out Family Caregivers?

Will the RAISE Family Caregivers Act provide much-needed hope and help for burned out family caregivers of children with special needs?

Alethea Mshar
Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Symptoms can vary between women and men. For both sexes, the most common heart attack symptoms are chest pain and other discomfort throughout the body.

Taylor Snell
Easy ways to reduce urine odor

Ways to Reduce Urine Odor

Managing and dealing with urine incontinence is not an easy job. Luckily there are easy ways to reduce urine odor. What you can do...

Taylor Snell
Strategies to Improve Your 2018 Star Ratings Webinar: September 26
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