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Five Acts of Kindness to Support a Family Caregiver

How can we support a family caregiver? Through thoughtful acts of kindness, we can make a meaningful difference and be a source of encouragement in...

Gina Flores
spina bifida niños con espina bífida

Embracing Spina Bifida: A Mother’s Story

My story begins 15 years ago when my son Enrique was born and 6 years ago when I adopted my daughter Jiya. Both children were born with Spina Bifida...

Gina Flores
Communicating with a person with dementia comunicarse con una persona con demencia

Ten Tips for Communicating with a Person with Dementia

Communicating with a person with dementia can be uncomfortable at times and some caregivers are reluctant to admit their feelings. It's important to...

Gina Flores
Spina Bifida Awareness Month espina bífida

Patience, Love, and the Hot Air Balloon

Spina Bifida Awareness month is here and we are honored to share this vivid, sweet story written by Erin T. about her son’s wish come true…

Gina Flores
angelman syndrome síndrome de Angelman

My Beautiful Granddaughter with Angelman Syndrome

Special thanks to Iris K. for sharing this special story about caring for her granddaughter with Angelman Syndrome. I remember the moment when...

Gina Flores
elderly parents

A Son’s Devotion: Caring For My Elderly Parents

They are many challenges that come with caregiving, as we all know. Both of my elderly parents are in their 80's, dad being 84 and mom being 81.

Gina Flores
Mother with dementia madre con demencia

The Blessing of Caring for My Mother with Dementia

In this story, a daughter writes about how she enjoys being able to care for her mother with dementia, who raised eight children and provided for them.

Gina Flores
Alzheimer's patient

A Guide to Managing Your Dementia / Alzheimer’s Patient: Video and Slides

In this video, you will learn how to handle the common behaviors of Alzheimer's patients and frustrations that can occur, along with helpful strategies.

Aimee Sharp
managing dementia patient

Webinar: A Guide to Managing Your Dementia / Alzheimer’s Patient

Join Shield HealthCare and Capital Nursing Education on Wed., August 24, 2016 for a free webinar about Managing Dementia Patients

Aimee Sharp
paralyzed son

Caring For My Paralyzed Son: A New Perspective on Life

An unfortunate car accident led me down this road. Because two men decided to chase after one another on the road, my son became paralyzed from the...

Gina Flores
Webinar: Pressure Injury Staging Made Easy Webinar
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