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disability emoji

New Disability Emoji: Let This Be Just the Beginning

If the new disability emoji is the modern world’s equivalent to hieroglyphics, then I'm ready to see my son’s life adequately expressed.

Jamie Sumner
genetic testing

Why I Said “No” to More Genetic Testing for My Child

More genetic testing? No thanks, I said. We did not need new paths to wander down. We needed to help our son navigate the one he was already on.

Jamie Sumner
OT Awareness Month

OT Awareness Month: Occupational Therapy for Children

Recognizing OT Awareness Month, for the OTs that helped us adapt to our son with Down syndrome and most importantly, helped him adapt to the world.

Alethea Mshar
OT Awareness Month

Outside the Box Parenting for Outside the Box Kids

If having a medically complex child has taught me anything, it's that outside the box parenting makes everyday life better for us all.

Alethea Mshar
special needs parenting

Parenting Children with Special Needs: I’m So Good I Failed My Kids

I was so good at special needs parenting, I failed both my son with cerebral palsy and my typical twins. But I'm learning from all these "Aha" moments.

Jamie Sumner
special needs parenting

Parenting Children with Special Needs: The Ups and Downs of Advocacy

Nobody and nothing prepares you for all the aspects of special needs parenting. Regardless of how well prepared I feel, I get caught with my pants down.

Alethea Mshar
sensory friendly

Chasing the Sensory Friendly Easter Bunny

Sensory friendly experiences create an inclusive environment for all children. Here's how your child can enjoy a trip to visit the Easter Bunny.

Jamie Sumner
special needs son

Preparing My Son with Special Needs to Be His Own Advocate

I've been advocating for my special needs son his entire life. But when he starts Kindergarten next year, he'll need to learn to be his own advocate.

Jamie Sumner
world down syndrome day

World Down Syndrome Day: Raising Awareness of the Inclusive Community

World Down syndrome Day helps raise awareness of the fact that individuals with Down syndrome are valuable members of communities all over the globe.

Alethea Mshar
child life month

Child Life Month: Celebrating the Angels that Save Our Sanity Every Day

This Child Life Month, be sure to thank your Child Life Specialist. Part angel, part superhero, these professionals make medical care bearable for families.

Alethea Mshar
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