medically complex child

Best Advice for Parents of a Medically Complex Child May Be None At All

Wondering what to say and what not to say to the parent of a medically complex child? Here's the best way to help, from a mom who knows.

Alethea Mshar
complex medical mom

From a Complex Medical Mom: Letter to My Child’s Doctors

As a complex medical mom, when I know that my child matters to you, we trust and believe in you; and that, dear doctor, puts the magic into your treatment.

Alethea Mshar
Parent of a Child with Special Needs

Recorded Webinar: Managing Stress as the Parent of a Child with Special Needs Video

Watch this recorded webinar - Learn coping strategies for chronic PTSD experienced by parents of a child with special needs. Presented by Dr. Liz Matheis.

Aimee Sharp
IEP day

IEP (Individual Education Plan) Day: How to Prepare Video

It's IEP Day and you're stressing out. Take a deep breath and don't sweat it. With these video tips on how to prepare, you've got this.

Alethea Mshar
Children with Different Abilities

A Delicate Balance: Parenting Children with Different Abilities

Parenting children with different abilities is hard. As a father to a child with special needs and one with typical needs, I'm learning to strike a balance.

John R. Collen, PA-C
feeding tube accessories

Feeding Tube Accessories: How to Improve Life with a Feeding Tube

Feeding tube accessories can make the tube more secure and easier to deal with. They can also make having a feeding tube more acceptable to your child.

Sarah Herrera
Nutrition and PKU

Nutrition and PKU: Information and Resources for Phenylketonuria

Knowing about nutrition and PKU can make all the difference between leading a healthy life and experiencing damaging consequences of Phenylketonuria.

Sarah Herrera
special needs parents

How to Help Special Needs Parents Using the Ring Theory

If you want to help and support special needs parents, simply being supportive will do far more good than giving advice or expressing concern.  

Alethea Mshar

Why I’m Glad I Chose to Homeschool My Child with Special Needs

I know there will be days when homeschool will be challenging, but I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to foster a love of learning in Sam.

Amy Noelle Collen
your child has a disability

To The Parent Who Just Found Out Your Child Has a Disability

To the parent who just found out your child has a disability, there are a few things I want to tell you that I wish I would have known all those years ago.

Alethea Mshar
Pediatric Tube Feeding Guide
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