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Medicaid cuts

Medicare Yet To Save Money Through Heralded Medical Payment Model

A high-profile Medicare experiment pushing doctors and hospitals to join together to operate more...

Chris Moynihan
Doctor making house call

ACA Improved Rx Drug Access, But Some Still Face Barriers to Finding Best Coverage

The Affordable Care Act guarantees that 10 “essential health benefits” — including...

Chris Moynihan
Affordable Care Act

2.2M Exchange Enrollees Missing Out on ACA’s Subsidies

Originally published on California Healthline More than two million U.S. residents with exchange...

Aimee Sharp
Home Health Aide

Court Upholds Rule Requiring Higher Wages for Home Healthcare Workers

A federal appeals court Friday upheld a new Department of Labor rule aimed at creaging higher wages for many home healthcare workers. Labor groups cheered..

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
California Healthline

The Affordable Care Act’s Two Futures

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in King v. Burwell and the high court’s...

Chris Moynihan
Texas hospital alliance

States May Tap Hospitals To Help Pay For Medicaid Expansion In 2017

Policymakers in Medicaid expansion states likely will try to wring some cash from hospitals starting...

Chris Moynihan

At Home, Many Seniors Are Imprisoned by Their Independence

Almost two million people over age 65, seniors, or nearly 6 percent of those Americans (excluding nursing home residents), rarely or never leave their homes ...

Chris Moynihan
That Obamacare Death Spiral Isn't Panning Out

That Obamacare Death Spiral Isn’t Panning Out

Warnings of a fatal imbalance in the risk pool now look ill-founded, with money left over in a fund...

Chris Moynihan
Clinical Best Practices

New Approaches to Community Benefit Needed

Every once in a while, a study comes along that reminds us that a majority of the institutions we...

Chris Moynihan
Health Economy Growth Rate

Healthcare Spending Growth Rate to Dip 6.5% in 2016

Spending growth in the $2.9 trillion US health economy is expected to slow in 2016 as compared to...

Chris Moynihan
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