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bond with your baby while tube feeding

Four Strategies to Bond with Your Baby While Tube Feeding

Even though you may not be able to feed your child as you planned, you can still comfort and bond with your baby while tube feeding.

Shield HealthCare Nutrition Team

What Do You Mean By Diet Change?

To a parent of a child with autism, the news of a needed diet change may sound like a daunting task. Learn how this mom dealt with such unexpected news.

Alethea Mshar
Getting Groceries During Quarantine

Getting Groceries During Quarantine

To reduce the amount of time you spend in the store, try creating a plan before you go. See these health tips to help reduce your trips to the store.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Stay Healthy During COVID-19

4 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy During COVID-19

With the recent outbreak, many of us are staying home to prevent further spread of the virus. Learn more about how to stay healthy during COVID-19.

Cassandra Bursma, RD
nutrition for wound care management

Maximizing Wound Healing: Nutrition for Wound Care Management

Many aspects effect the wound healing process, but one of the most important, and commonly overlooked, aspect is nutrition.

Cassandra Bursma, RD
national nutrition month

Celebrate National Nutrition Month: Eat Right, Bite by Bite.

National Nutrition Month, celebrated each March, encourages people to make informed food choices. This year's theme is Eat Right, Bite by Bite.

Stephanie Struyck Elgin
function of carbohydrates

What Do Carbohydrates Do?

In this article, we look at the function of carbohydrates, as well as where they come from, how the body processes them, and which ones to choose.

Shield HealthCare News Team
Halloween candy

5 Tips for Managing Your Kid’s Halloween Candy

There are many opinions out there about how much candy is appropriate for kids. But not every family is the same. These 5 tips may help you find a solution.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR

Understanding the Recent Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

The FDA has mandated a nutrition facts label update by July 2021. This will be the first update since nutrition labels were first introduced in 1994.

Sarah Sanchez, NDTR
Adult Tube Feeding Guide

Introducing Our Free Adult Tube Feeding Guide

We are pleased to offer our new "Adult Tube Feeding Guide" for free. This guide provides comprehensive information about adult tube feeding.

Danny Nguyen