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Introducing Our “Living Well With an Ostomy” Booklet

We are pleased to offer our Living Well with an Ostomy guide. This reference guide includes information about how to care for your colostomy or ileostomy.

John Maynard
Empty Your Ostomy Pouch

How to Empty Your Ostomy Pouch Video

In this video from Laura Cox, Shield HealthCare’s Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist, she shows how...

Laura Cox

Stomaversary | A Time to Reflect

Every year, when my "stomaversary" comes around, I take a minute to reflect on where I was in 2011 and the years after surgery.

Laura Cox
after ostomy surgery

10 Things I’ve Done Since Having Ostomy Surgery

In the few years after ostomy surgery, I have accomplished and experienced so much. I wanted to share my short-list with you!

Laura Cox
Ostomy Diversions

Ostomy Diversions With Joy Hooper

In this video, Joy Hooper is introduced by Laura Cox before explaining the difference between several types of common ostomy diversions (procedures).

Aimee Sharp
Accurate Stoma Assessment

Video/Supplemental Material: Ostomy 101 Webinar-Stoma Assessment

From the novice to the well-seasoned veteran, this hour-long session will provide a step-by-step approach for conducting an accurate stoma assessment.

Aimee Sharp
stoma assessment

Webinar: Ostomy 101 — Five Key Steps for an Accurate Stoma Assessment

This webinar has already taken place.  You can view the webinar recording and find the webinar...

Sarah McIlvaine
Vegan Ostomy

OstomyLife Community Spotlight | Eric P. | Vegan Ostomy

Eric, from Vegan Ostomy talks food, family and adjustment after ostomy surgery. He gives tips and a unique perspective to the experience of having an ostomy

Laura Cox
Stoma and Seat Belt

Stomas and Seat Belts | Ask Laura

I wanted to know what accessories should be used when starting to drive or ride in a car, since the stoma and seat belt are right next to each other.

Laura Cox
Ostomy Misconceptions

Ostomy Misconceptions | New Ostomates

There is much to learn when you are new to having an ostomy! Here, 5 common ostomy misconceptions are debunked and resources are given.

Laura Cox
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My family and I are taking a road trip. I wanted to know what accessories should be used when starting to drive or ride in a car. Should I use something to cover the stoma?
Great question! It all depends on if the seat belt is coming in contact with your stoma.
If the seat belt does not come in contact with your stoma, no additional accessories are needed. If the seat belt does come in contact, you can use a stoma guard or a seat belt cover to protect the stoma