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Don’t miss the latest Urological Newsletter with important information from Shield HealthCare’s urological experts! This issue focuses on catheters & more.

Aimee Sharp

Shield HealthCare Colorado Review by Always Best Care

A warm thank you our friends at Always Best Care Senior Services in Denver, CO,  for the thoughtful...

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Spinal Cord Injury Nurse

A Thoughtful Note of Thanks from a Spinal Cord Injury Nurse…

Special thanks to Amy, a spinal cord injury nurse from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, for...

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. Diagnostic medical ultrasound, also called...

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Spinal Cord Injury Awareness

National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month

Every 48 minutes, someone in the U.S. is paralyzed from a spinal cord injury (SCI). Some of these injuries happen as a result of a traumatic accident.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Bladder Cancer

What is Bladder Cancer? Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Like any other organ, the bladder can be susceptible to cancer. Bladder cancer usually starts from the cells lining the bladder. Learn more.

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS

A Shield HealthCare Customer Loving Life

Special thanks to Kris in California who expressed his gratitude for the catheter supplies and...

Gina Flores
Male External Catheter

Getting Started With Male External Catheters

If you have been told that the best solution for your incontinence is a male external catheter or you plan to try this system, this information will help...

Gina Flores

Shield HealthCare Review: Praise From A Quadriplegic Customer

Special thanks to Alex for taking the time to give a Shield HealthCare review and say thanks for providing his urological supplies.

Gina Flores
Male external catheter

Male External Catheter Troubleshooting Guide

Here's a quick guide to frequently noted problems and easy solutions for male external catheter users:

Paul Leary
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