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Denver Public Schools is Rewriting Health Goals, Asking for Input

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
02/18/15  10:48 PM PST
Colorado public school

By Yesenia Robles for The Denver Post

A new survey is asking Denver Public Schools families to prioritize what they believe are the most pressing health concerns facing students.

DPS officials say the answers will help them update the district’s health goals in the Health Agenda 2020.

Officials working on the rewrite have studied local health data and research. From that work with Denver Public Health, the survey zeroes in on questions about nine health topics that research shows might have the highest impact on education. Among those topics are nutrition, substance use, teen pregnancy, vision and asthma.

Having only broad topics instead of drafts of goals is a change from the last time the district worked on a health agenda.

“This lends itself for more engagement,” said Scott Romero, the district’s school health coordinator.

The previous version laid out eight goals for 2015. DPS officials say most of those were met.

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