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World Diabetes Day 2012

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
11/14/12  5:20 PM PST

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. 2012 is a milestone year for the over 300 million people living with diabetes.

The World Diabetes Day 2012 campaign marks the fourth year of the International Diabetes Federation‘s five-year focus on “Diabetes education and prevention.” The slogan chosen for this year’s awareness campaign is Protect Our Future.

Facts about diabetes:

  • Diabetes kills 1 person every 8 seconds and 4 million people a year
  • Diabetes does not discriminate. It affects all ages, rich and poor, all countries.
  • Diabetes can no longer be ignored. Its impact is growing with 4 million lives lost a year, 1 million amputations a year and millions lost in income.
  • You can make a difference. Demand healthy food and environments, keep active and eat well.

Take action today and support a loved one or friend with diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is a great place to start with online tools, resources and dietary guidelines to help keep diabetes in control and live life to its fullest.

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