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November 2018

The Causes, Types and Management of Urinary Incontinence Webinar

Recorded Webinar: The Causes, Types and Management of Urinary Incontinence

Many adults, and the individuals who care for them, have misconceptions about urinary incontinence that can interfere with treatment and management. Learn about the types of urinary incontinence, their causes and treatment options here.
Wed, Nov 14, 9:00am
Skin Preservation Community

December 2018

Nutrition Recipe for Wound Healing Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Nutrition for Success in Wound Healing

There are many ingredients that go into wound healing, but any recipe for success must include the provision and consumption of adequate nutrition. In this session we will review the role of macro and micronutrients with an emphasis on practical nutritional interventions.
Wed, Dec 12, 9:00am
Nutrition Community

January 2019

Diabetic Ulcers Identification and Treatment Webinar

Diabetic Ulcers: Identification and Treatment Recorded Webinar

Chronic foot ulcers in patients with diabetes cause substantial morbidity and increased amputation risk. In this FREE webinar, we cover evidence-based approaches for identification and treatment of chronic neuropathic, neuro-ischemic and ischemic diabetic foot ulcerations.
Thu, Jan 24, 9:00am
Skin Preservation Community

February 2019

Behavioral Health and Chronic Illness Webinar

Behavioral Health and Chronic Illness: Addressing Behavioral Health to Improve All Health Recorded Webinar

The relationships between depression/anxiety and chronic medical illnesses are complex and bidirectional. In this 1-hr session, we will explore the co-morbidity of chronic disease and mental health, with a focus on chronic disease prevention and self-management practices.
Wed, Feb 20, 9:00am
Caregiving Community

March 2019

Clinical & Lifestyle Concerns with an Ostomy Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Clinical and Lifestyle Concerns with an Ostomy

From stomal complications to skin care tips and Dx self-management, we cover the most common clinical and lifestyle concerns with an ostomy. In this free webinar, we also cover post-discharge ostomy resources, peristomal skin care, ostomy products for swimming and athletics that extend wear time and more.
Tue, Mar 26, 9:00am
OstomyLife Community

April 2019

Reducing the Stigma of Living with Incontinence Webinar

Reducing the Stigma: Social and Emotional Challenges of Living with Incontinence Recorded Webinar

Most people who live with incontinence do so silently, often choosing not to tell their friends, family, or even their doctor(s). In this session we explore the stigma that few other common medical disorders are faced with today, along with practical interventions and ways to change the conversation.
Wed, Apr 24, 9:00am
Urological Community

May 2019

Social Determinants Webinar

Social Determinants of Health 101: Improving Patient Outcomes Recorded Webinar

Despite our significant spend, U.S. healthcare outcomes are among the lowest for developed countries. By addressing “social determinants” – health-related behaviors, socioeconomic factors, and environmental factors – we aim to improve health outcomes, reduce inequities, and lower costs.
Wed, May 22, 9:00am
Caregiving Community

June 2019

Thrive over 65 Nutrition Tips for Older Adults Webinar

Thrive Over 65: Nutrition Tips for Older Adults Recorded Webinar

Dietary needs change as we age, and this is especially true for people 65 or older. Calorie needs decrease as we get older, yet we may need more of some key nutrients. In this webinar, we cover ways to help combat some of the health concerns commonly associated with aging.
Wed, Jun 26, 9:00am
Nutrition Community

July 2019

Best Practices/Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) Webinar

Best Practices/Evidence-Based Guidelines for Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) Recorded Webinar

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections are one of the most common healthcare-associated infections. For individuals with Dx such as spina bifida, MS, or cerebral palsy, CAUTIs can also present unique challenges. In this session, we explore best practices for identifying and preventing CAUTIs and their impact on some vulnerable populations.
Wed, Jul 24, 9:00am
Urological Community

August 2019

Ostomy Care Challenges

Ostomy Care Challenges: Obesity, Hernias, Skin Issues and More Recorded Webinar

From intra- and post-operative care to daily management, an individual’s body shape, weight and skin integrity can create additional challenges for many patients and their healthcare team. In this FREE webinar, we identify solutions for moist skin, skin folds, pouching over irregular skin contours when managing obesity or hernias, and more.
Wed, Aug 21, 9:00am
OstomyLife Community
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