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nutritional support for children with developmental delay

Nutritional Support for Children with Developmental Delays

You have recently been told that your child has a developmental delay or several delays. In addition...

Sheila Mihalik
busting the myth of summer

Busting the Myth of Summer

I was this many years old when I realized the saying is “you’ve got another think coming,” not...

Jamie Sumner
five senses

Using the Five Senses to Calm

There is a technique in trauma therapy that calls upon the five senses when hurt or the memory of...

Jamie Sumner
summer activities for wheelchair users

20 Summer Activities for Wheelchair Users

Summer is wonderful if you’re a kid! Freedom to sleep in, let your backpack gather dust under a...

Jamie Sumner
power of perspective with special needs child

The Power of Perspective

How You View Your Past Is a Window into Your Present I broke up with the man I thought I was going...

Jamie Sumner
mystery and magic of our children

Rediscovering the Mystery and Magic of our Children

Outer Space Taught Me How to Zoom Out On an incredibly frigid weekend in March, my spouse and I...

Jamie Sumner
my son with complex medical needs is growing up

I Don’t Need a T-Shirt to Tell Me My Son is Growing Up

There is a reason Etsy exists. And Pinterest boards. And the entire home section of Anthropologie....

Jamie Sumner
disabled children in school shootings

School Shootings and Children with Special Healthcare Needs

I Lost Someone in a School Shooting and Now I’m Fighting for Better Protection for My Son In March...

Jamie Sumner
finding the joy in pain

You Don’t Have to Cherish Every Moment

I read an article recently on the Swedish concept of kärt besvär. Kart means “dear or...

Jamie Sumner
help kids ease into time change

Four Ways to Help Kids Ease into the Time Change

It’s coming. Can you feel it – the hint of warmth in the breeze and the sheer volume of birdsong...

Jamie Sumner