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Pediatric Nurses: The Heroes of Healthcare

Alethea Mshar
Special needs mom and Blogger
02/16/17  4:20 PM PST
pediatric nurses

I was raised by a nurse. Her capable, strong, but gentle, nurturing hands that always knew just what to do to help me feel better were a constant source of comfort when I felt poorly. She had remedies to all that ailed me, and never seemed to tire of providing her healing touch. Now, I raise a son with complex medical needs, and have crossed paths with many, many nurses in my role as his mom. A good pediatric nurse is immensely valuable, and excellent nurses are a true source of healing and wellness.


When I think of all the nurses who have touched our lives…

I think of the floor nurses, caring for several children at a time, but making us feel like we are their top priority,

I think of the procedure and operating room nurses who require intense physical and mental stamina, as well as technical skill,

Then there are the oncology nurses who walked alongside us for years as we navigated that path,

Office nurses, managing numerous patients each day, and keeping all the details straight. Home health nurses who must become comfortable being flexible and resourceful,

ICU nurses who manage intensely ill and complex patients,

…And many more, including Hospice nurses, who ease patients from this life.


One type of nurse stands head and shoulders above the rest. The rare, and highly sought-after Ninja Night Nurse. The Ninja Night Nurse uses stealth and silence as her weapons, and can accomplish any middle-of-the-night task in utter invisibility and quiet, allowing patient and parents to sleep through the night, despite completing many tasks in the room where they slumber. Some believe that the Ninja Night Nurse is but a legend, but I have met her, and she is real, and she is spectacular!


Nurses are teachers, comforters, advocates, and communicators. They are the first line of care, serving as the go-between with their patients and the doctors who care for them. They must come to work prepared for whatever comes their way, wearing so many hats each day during their shift, often overworked with superhuman expectations.


Nurses are the true heroes of the healthcare industry, and they are often unrecognized and underappreciated. I know that I have often taken for granted the immense blessing they have been in my life.

Alethea Mshar is a Special Needs Mom and Blogger.

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