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Dealing With The Stay At Home Blues

Alethea Mshar
Special needs mom and Blogger
12/14/20  8:00 AM PST
stay at home

I’m sitting here on my couch in the same house where I’ve spent the vast majority of my time for the last 8 months, and looking toward winter, knowing this isn’t going to end any time soon. These days many are with us, staying home almost entirely, but unlike many, this isn’t our first go-round with sheltering in place. When my son had leukemia we rode out much of his time in treatment by staying at home to keep him safe, and then, like now, concern for the well-being of our family in every way was a source of stress. It could be hard to feel like I was fully human during those days when life felt so weird, but I learned a few tricks to keep my head on straight.

5 Ways We Make Staying at Home Easier:

  1. I got dressed every single day, no matter what. I was tempting to stay in my PJs, especially on days when I hadn’t gotten a shower. But I always found that I felt crummy instead of cozy on my PJ days. Even though I didn’t always get it done right away in the morning, I put clothes on, especially on the days that I felt least like doing it.
  2. I kept a healthy diet. Though many days were a blur and I didn’t always have time to cook, I tried to avoid the junk that sat in my gut like a rock weighing me down.
  3.  We cook, we bake, we make a production out of making our food together.
  4. On days that we could, we went outside; even if it was just for a few minutes. The change of scenery and fresh air brightened our moods, and if we were able, we took a little walk or even just did a couple of stretches.
  5. We ditched negativity. We were just too susceptible to downers, so whether it was news, social media, or a person who dragged us down, we figured out what wasn’t necessary and pulled the plug.
  6. We opened the shades, lit candles, and added color to our surroundings. Especially on the days when getting outdoors wasn’t possible, keeping the inside of our house cheerful keeps us upbeat.

stay at home

After leukemia treatment ended life went on, and I never thought we’d be back to living like that again. 2020 feels like a throwback to that time, and it has shaken me. I’ve had to be super intentional about keeping a steady course for me and the whole family. With autumn winding down into winter it’s even more crucial to be mindful of our emotional state and guard it carefully. Often the little daily things pay off, at least for us, in keeping us mentally stable.

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