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Celebrating 57 Years of Service

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
08/04/14  5:43 PM PST
Happy Birthday Shield HealthCare

Happy Birthday, Shield HealthCare! For more than 57 years, Shield HealthCare has been helping people with a physical need for disposable medical products live comfortably at home.

Celebrating 57 Years of Service

On August 1st, 1957, Shield HealthCare was established as a specialty pharmacy in Van Nuys, CA. Over the years, the company has developed into a nation-wide service organization dedicated to fulfilling the medical supply needs of consumers and the caregiving community.

In 2007, Shield HealthCare was granted formal accreditation status by the Community Health Accreditation Program’s (CHAP) Board of Review signifying its commitment to providing superior products and service to the home healthcare market. Today, Shield HealthCare has expanded nationally to 14 service locations and 3 distribution centers in California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas and Washington.

At Shield HealthCare, customers are the most important people to our organization. We understand that customer satisfaction means much more than our delivering products on time or having friendly and helpful service agents.

Every year we survey over 2,500 customers to rate their experience with our company.* As of our most recent survey, we are proud to say that:

  • 99% of our customers would recommend us to friends and family.
  • 98% of our customers were satisfied with their shipping time.
  • 98% of our customers were satisfied with the accuracy of their shipment.
  • 98% of our customers were satisfied with our answering of their questions.
  • 97% of our customers felt we understood their needs.

*2013 annual customer survey conducted by Press Ganey Associates Inc.

This August, Shield HealthCare is privileged to celebrate 57 years of serving our community. To each and every one of our customers: Thank you for being the best part of Shield!