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Professionally Declining an Interview

Jessica Kolber
Recruiting Specialist | Shield HealthCare
01/31/17  8:37 AM PST
Declining an Interview

It is never a good idea to turn down an interview when searching for new employment. However, if you have successfully secured a new position or find yourself no longer interested in an opportunity it is important to turn down a further interview professionally. Doing this is a courtesy to both the company and other candidates in search of employment. Declining a further interview properly leaves the door open for potential employment with the company down the line. Politely and professionally declining an interview is actually much simpler than many people realize.

Let your point of contact know as soon as possible. Declining the interview as soon as you become aware of your disinterest in the position shows respect for the company and the time of the individuals involved in the process. It is often a challenge to rearrange schedules to fit an interview in so giving ample notice is always appreciated. If possible, try to communicate with your point of contact during regular business hours.

A long explanation is not always necessary. Often times, applicants become stressed and find it necessary to compile a lengthy explanation for their cancellation. A simple concise email, voicemail, or phone call is sufficient. If you are declining an interview because you have successfully secured new employment, say so. Declining an interview because you are no longer interested for other reasons does not require an explanation.

Resist the temptation to simply ignore the employer. Not attending your scheduled interview is extremely frowned upon. This shows a lack of respect for the schedules of those involved in the interview process and effectively removes any possibility of future employment.

Remember to leave the door open for future opportunities with the company. Make sure to let your point of contact know that you appreciate their time and consideration. Many recruiters will retain an applicant’s information for future open positions if they decline an interview professionally.


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