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Shield HealthCare is Going Green!

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
11/01/20  6:30 AM PST
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That’s right – Shield HealthCare is going green! We believe in being responsible with our natural resource consumption, both for our customers and for the generations to follow. Read on to hear how Shield is taking the next step with our new Online Order Summary program.

NEW! Online Order Summary – or “eReceipts”

Are you used to seeing a paper receipt in the box of supplies you receive from Shield HealthCare? You’ll soon be able to view your order summary online, using our fast, secure online portal. You can pull up your order summary anytime, anywhere, for up to 30 days after your order was shipped. Your order summary can be printed as well as saved digitally at home for your records.

How It Works

A link to your order summary will be emailed or texted to you once your order has been shipped. If you have provided us with an email for Order Reminder & Ship Confirmation emails, this link will be included in every Ship Confirmation email. If you have registered for Shield’s Text-to-Order program, this link will be texted to you when your order is shipped. To sign up for these benefits and receive a link to your order summary, please make sure your Shield customer service agent has your current email and cell phone number.

For those customers that do not have an email on file, or who have not opted in to our Text-to-Order program, you will receive an automated ship confirmation call that will provide your order number.

All customers can also view and print their order summary by going to or after November 25, 2021. Here you will find our online Order Summary portal, which will ask for your:

  • Order number
  • Zip code
  • Date of birth

If you do not have your most recent order number available, you can retrieve it by phone from our automatic phone system at 800-228-7150.

What Does Going Green Mean?

Going green means that our organization is helping to preserve the environment through reducing, reusing, and recycling. By moving your receipts online, Shield HealthCare is saving approximately 2,400 lbs of paper a month, or nearly 350 trees per year.

We are also:

  • Protecting our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic by limiting touch points
  • Reducing paper pollution
  • Saving the costs of paper, which help us keep the lowest possible prices for customers

About Shield HealthCare

Shield HealthCare has been serving the medical supply needs of patients at home since 1957. With well over 60 years of supply experience, Shield serves Medicare customers across the nation and Medicaid customers in 25 states. Shield is a recognized leader in incontinence, urological, ostomy, enteral nutrition, wound care and diabetes supplies and is committed to providing communities with tools and resources to educate and support caregivers and families with medical needs. To learn more about Shield, visit


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