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Shield HealthCare RD Spotlight: A Pediatric Tube Feeding Success Story

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
08/03/12  7:45 PM PST

Rachel, local Shield HealthCare Registered Dietitian in the Dallas area, received a referral from a pediatric GI clinic for NT, a 4 year-old boy on tube feeding after extensive bowel resection. Frustrated after multiple formula trials with resulting intolerance, NT’s mom initiated a homemade blenderized diet as a last resort. When Rachel arrived to instruct the family on operation of the Infinity pump, NT’s mom described the increased burden of shopping for and preparing the blenderized diet each and every day.

In addition to being labor-intensive, homemade formulas increase the risk of foodborne illness and it is difficult to monitor for nutrient completeness. Rachel suggested a commercial formula made with real food ingredients, such as Compleat Pediatric, which was approved by the gastroenterologist.

NT’s mom reports good tolerance of Compleat Pediatric and is relieved to have a much safer and complete feeding regimen.

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