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Infinity Feeding Sets Return to Red Stepped Connectors

Amy Long Carrera, MS, RD, CNSC, CWCMS
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
12/29/15  2:05 PM PST

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Here’s a quick recap on ENFit:

  • When enteral tubing is accidentally connected to non-enteral tubing (enteral misconnections), patient harm may result.
    • One example of enteral misconnection is a feeding tube connected to an intravenous line.
  • ENFit is a solution to improve patient safety by preventing enteral devices from being accidentally connected to non-enteral devices.
  • The transition of current enteral devices (feeding sets, syringes and feeding tubes/extension sets) is occurring in phases.
    • Enteral feeding pump and gravity sets have already switched to the ENFit connection.
    • They currently come with a white transitional stepped connector so you may still use the current feeding tubes and syringes.

transitional and ENFit connectors

  • Feeding tubes/extension sets and syringes are planned to change in early 2016.


All U.S. manufacturers, distributors, supply companies and healthcare facilities will be expected to comply with the new enteral connection.


You may notice a change to your Infinity® feeding sets soon:

If you are using the Infinity® enteral feeding pump, a white transitional stepped connector comes pre-attached to the purple ENFit connector (see image above).

The manufacturer of the Infinity® enteral feeding pump is aware that some customers have experienced formula leakage between the pre-attached white transitional stepped connector and the purple ENFit connector. They have decided to go back to the original red stepped connectors at this time.

current to upcoming infinity feeding set

Contact your medical supply company to find out when you should expect to receive the new feeding sets.


Resources for more information on ENFit:


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