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ENFit Connectors: Feeding Sets, Tubes and Syringes in 2017

Amy Long Carrera, MS, RD, CNSC, CWCMS
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
09/12/16  11:30 AM PST
ENFit enteral connectors

New! Watch a video on ENFit Connectors here.

ENFit connectors


Are you ready for ENFit® Connectors?

When feeding tubes are accidentally connected to other types of tubing, patient harm may result. One example is a feeding bag connected to an IV line. ENFit connectors are a solution to improve patient safety. International safety organizations and device manufacturers agreed on the solution that seemed the most effective. The ENFit design prevents feeding tubes from fitting into non-feeding tube devices.

Despite a setback in the ENFit schedule, the conversion is back on track in 2017.


Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

ENFit Feeding Sets

Feeding sets have already converted to ENFit connectors. These include pump and gravity bags. Infinity® feeding sets  temporarily went back to the red stepped connector in 2016. Since then, they have switched back to ENFit connectors with white transitional stepped connectors. See the images below.


ENFit connectors



ENFit Syringes for Enteral Use


ENFit connectors

The next phase of the ENFit transition is underway in the U.S. You will start to  see enteral syringes with ENfit connectors. This will prevent accidental delivery of enteral formula or oral medications into non-enteral tubing. This includes IV, respiratory or other tubing.

Initially, ENFit syringes should come with transitional stepped connectors for use with current feeding tubes and extension sets.

 ENFit connectors

  • If your feeding port is not ENFit: Attach the white transitional stepped connector to the tip of the ENFit syringe with a gentle twisting motion.
  • If your feeding port has an ENFit connector: Attach the ENFit syringe to your feeding port with a gentle twisting motion. You do not need the transitional stepped connector.


ENFit Feeding Tubes and Extension Sets


ENFit connectors

ENFit connectors


The transition of extension sets for low profile tubes to ENFit is also underway. You may start to see extension sets with ENFit connectors in early 2017.

Standard feeding tubes with ENFit ports will roll out about the same time. These are the kind that don’t require an extension set to use.



ENFit Transitional Connectors

During the conversion of enteral devices to ENFit, transitional stepped connectors will be available. Until your feeding tube or extension sets have ENFit connectors, keep the white transitional stepped connector attached to the feeding set or bag.

ENFit connectors


For more information on ENFit Connectors:

The Oley Foundation

You may receive notification about ENFit connectors from your enteral supply company.

Have questions about ENFit? Email Shield’s Corporate Registered Dietitian at


ENFit is a federally registered trademark of GEDSA.
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