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Are you ready for ENFit Enteral Feeding Connectors?

Mary Kuehl, MS, RD
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Shield HealthCare
02/06/22  5:00 AM PST

What is ENFit?

When feeding tubes are accidentally connected to other types of medical tubing, patient harm may result.

ENFit connetors are a solution to improve patient safety. Traditional (or legacy) tubes use a universal stepped adapter which means there is a possibility of misconnections.  The ENFit design prevents feeding tubes from fitting into non-feeding tube devices such as urinary catheters or IV lines.

Why is ENFit better?:

  • Reduction in misconnections
    • Enteral tubing and syringes can only connect to feeding tubes
  • Reduction in accidental disconnection
    • The locking threads prevent the tubing becoming dislodged from the GT which results in “feeding the bed”
  • Reduction in leaks
    • The secure ENfit connector reduces the liklihood of leaks. 



What does this mean to you?

All tube feeding products with a connector will be transitioned to an ENFit connector, including:

  • Syringes
  • Gravity sets
  • Pump sets
  • Extensions
  • Feeding tubes

What Comes Next:

Soon the white transitional connectors you are used to finding in the pump bags and with the syringes will no longer be included.  If you are having difficulty connecting your feedings, please contact your healthcare provider or your Shield Enteral Team.

when will enfit change take place

You can also find additional information and updates on ENFIT here:

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