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World Ostomy Day 2015

Laura Cox
Ostomy Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
10/02/15  5:02 PM PST
World Ostomy Day

Celebrating World Ostomy Day with our Wanna Wear One Campaign!

This past week, Shield HealthCare employees participated in a companywide WannaWearOne campaign. On October 3rd, Shield HealthCare is thrilled to celebrate World Ostomy Day by sharing our Wanna Wear One Campaign photos. We invited our employees to wear an ostomy pouch for three days, to take photos while wearing the pouch, and to spread awareness about living life with an ostomy. For every participant, we donated $50 to the United Ostomy Association of America! As distributors of the products, we want to make sure that our employees have an idea of what it’s like to wear one!

Our accounting department wanted to make sure the UOAA knew they are supporters!

World Ostomy Day

The marketing department squeezed in some reading while raising aWEARness.

Shield HealthCare Marketing Team Wanna Wear One 2015

Our LA Sales Office ladies proudly showed off their pouches!

Shield HealthCare LA Office Wanna Wear One 2015

Our Houston team wanted to make sure they were included in the fun!

Shield HealthCare Houston Wanna Wear One 2015

Our Fresno employees flaunted their pouches with pride!


and Valencia (Corporate Headquarters) got together to take a photo to celebrate!

Shield HealthCare Valencia Wanna Wear One 2015

We also had a photo contest to see who could do the most creative and the most “everyday” things while wearing their pouch.  Here are the winners!

Jesse won for most creative photo:

Jesus Morales

Ken won for most “everyday” photo as he showed his ostomy off before going to class:

Ken Burden 3

And out of all of our submissions, we picked one randomly to make sure everyone had a chance to win! Wendy won that prize:


And we also had some other creative decorators!

Vicki Fierro WTWO Pouch

Holly Ramirez

Cara Hems

Shield HealthCare enjoyed raising awareness, empathizing with the changes to every-day life, and sharing our individual eye-opening experiences during our 2015 Wanna Wear One campaign. A few employees commented by the third day that they could understand how an ostomy pouch could, in time, just feel like an extension of a person. Our employees also loved spreading awareness by talking to people in security at LAX, sharing their experience with their family and loved ones, and going to the gym with their pouches showing. We didn’t ask anyone to show off their pouch in public – they did it because they were happy to raise awareness!

We would like to wish every person with an ostomy or any person who knows someone with an ostomy a very happy and healthy World Ostomy Day 2015!

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Dear Laura, I wear a two piece ostomy bag. I need help with concealing an ostomy bag. When I move around my shirt hikes up and the tip of the bag peeks out from under my shirt.
Hi Tom, I have a few suggestions that may help!
First, I'm wondering if a stealth belt would be a good option for you. This is a black belt that you can conveniently tuck your pouch...


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