Ostomy Skin Care Basics – Perimstomal Skin

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
02/04/16  9:34 AM PST
Ostomy Skin Care

Ostomy skin care is very important, because once the skin around the stoma (peristomal skin) begins to deteriorate, it can be hard to get that skin healthy again.

Top Ostomy Skin Care Tip! The skin under your wafer should look and feel like the rest of the skin on your abdomen.

Many new ostomates are unaware of this skin care tip, even after several meetings with their WOCN (Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse). Laura Cox, OstomyLife’s Lifestyle Specialist, was unaware of this herself after her surgery. Click here to read more about Laura’s experience with her skin, along with her advice about not using every peristomal skin care product on the market. Each person is unique, and so is the skin care routine that will work best for you.

But how can you keep the skin under your wafer healthy and dry? Check out our articles on Skin Care Basics for answers on how keep your skin happy:

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