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Thank You from a Shield HealthCare Ostomy Customer

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
03/30/17  10:49 AM PST
Shield HealthCare Ostomy Customer

Last week, we received this voicemail from one of our customers:

“Hi Lindsey, this is M. I just wanted to call and tell you thank you. My supplies arrived today – I could hardly believe it. All the stuff is in there – I’m just so excited and this is such a relief to me and a burden that you’ve taken off my shoulders. And thank you for the good service, okay? And I got the book and I got the email and I’m looking online at the videos – it’s all really helpful. This is a pretty stressful time for me so I just want to thank you helping me, okay? Thanks, bye.”

The booklet M. is talking about is our “Living Well With an Ostomy” booklet, that you can order for yourself, for free. And of course there are our OstomyLife videos.

We’re so glad to hear that the customer service support that we provide is providing relief to people who have just had ostomy surgery. And we’re just as pleased to know that the information that we provide to all ostomates is helpful as well. Please let us know in the comments if there are others ways that we can provide support to the ostomy community.

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Dear Laura, I wear a two piece ostomy bag. I need help with concealing an ostomy bag. When I move around my shirt hikes up and the tip of the bag peeks out from under my shirt.
Hi Tom, I have a few suggestions that may help!
First, I'm wondering if a stealth belt would be a good option for you. This is a black belt that you can conveniently tuck your pouch...


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