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Laura Cox
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12/15/17  2:29 PM PST
Ileoscopy Experience

At some point in an ostomate’s life, they will probably need to get a scope procedure. Since a colonoscopy is no longer an option, we get something called an ileoscopy.

An ileoscopy is performed with an endoscope through a person’s stoma. It is different (and perhaps better) than a colonoscopy because there is generally no prep before this procedure. The only thing your doctor will ask you to do is fast for four or more hours before your procedure and to bring extra ostomy supplies with you.

The scope can be done with or without sedation. Talk with your doctor about any preferences you have. The endoscope should not be painful, although you may feel a slight bloated feeling. The endoscope is lubricated, some air is pushed into your intestines to increase visibility, and a small biopsy is taken. The procedure generally takes about ten minutes.

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