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Recorded Webinar: Ostomy Buzz – The Latest in Ostomy Management

Danny Nguyen
Author | Shield HealthCare
07/17/18  1:53 PM PST
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Ostomy Buzz – The Latest in Ostomy Management – Presented by Joy Hooper, RN, BSN, CWOCN, OMS, WCC of the Wound Care Education Institute has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of the video.

If you would like to receive your CE Contact Hour for watching this webinar, first head over to the Wound Care Education Institute’s site.

You can only receive your CE Contact Hour by watching the video on the Wound Care Education Institute’s site.

Once on this webinar’s page on WCEI’s site, you can register and then view the recorded webinar. On the first page, you will notice that it says the cost to receive the CE Contact Hour is $10. For viewers coming through Shield HealthCare, we are able to offer a special code that will waive that fee. The code is: SHIELDWEB

After you have created an account and used the above code, you will be able to watch the video for free. After viewing, WCEI will email an evaluation to you. Once you complete the evaluation, your CE will be emailed to you automatically.

Click here for a link to download the webinar outline/handout. The slides from this webinar are property of the Wound Care Education Institute and are not available for download.

If you would just like to watch the webinar without receiving a CE credit, you can find the full webinar here on Vimeo.

Webinar Overview:

Join us for the latest breaking Ostomy care news: what’s new since last year, what’s hot, and what new tools are out there to help you and your patients. This session will bring you up to date on all things in ostomy care – new products, guidelines, resources and tools.

This session will review new ostomy products, resources and tools that have launched in the last several years. (Note: This session includes various brand name product reviews)

Webinar Objectives:

At the conclusion of this offering, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify 3 new ostomy care products including their indications and any contraindications for appropriate use

1 CE Contact Hour Available (Provided by the Wound Care Education Institute)

About Joy Hooper, RN, BSN, CWOCN, OMS, WCC of the Wound Care Education Institute

As an RN with over 20 years of wound and ostomy care experience, Joy has practiced in a variety of hospital and home care settings. She is a successful nurse entrepreneur, and is board certified by the WOCN as a CWOCN, and by the NAWCO® as a WCC and OMS. Her informal and down-to-earth teaching methods enable students to learn easily in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. Joy is also the lead instructor for WCEI’s ostomy courses.




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