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Sound Therapy

“Everything Is A Vibration.” – Albert Einstein Music, sounds and frequencies can be used...

Aaron Baker

The Healing Arts: Therapy, Expression… Recovery

Art was always a part of my life growing up. As a little boy, I loved to draw with pencils and...

Aaron Baker
Accessible Grand Canyon

Accessible Grand Canyon

A Pleasant Experience For My Wife, Baby & Me We were headed West on Interstate 40, happy and...

Aaron Baker

Six Tips For A Productive Day

Back To School… Or Work How many times have you heard it? “2020 has thrown me a curve...

Aaron Baker
steps for mindful breathing

A Few Simple Steps For Mindful Breathing

“Mindful breathing isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.” – Sharon...

Aaron Baker
The Paralympic Journey: Aaron Baker with his Mother

The Paralympic Journey

There are Winter and Summer Paralympic Games that coincide with the Olympics every four years. The six broad categories for competition are: amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, wheelchair, vision impairment, and “others.”

Aaron Baker

Spinal Cord Injury Virtual Events

A calendar or list of helpful online resources and events for our spinal cord injury community.

Aaron Baker
Aaron Baker, Shield HealthCare's Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist

Aging with Spinal Cord Injury

We all age... and many things that were once easy become more difficult. This is true for everyone, but especially people with a spinal cord injury.

Aaron Baker
How I Maintain A Positive, Optimistic and Flexible Frame Of Mind

A Pivot Mindset

How I Maintain A Positive, Optimistic and Flexible Frame Of Mind I will begin with full transparency...

Aaron Baker
father with a spinal cord injury

Welcome Home, Baby!

My fear of becoming a father with a spinal cord injury vanished the moment Cayla was placed in my arms. I was scared I would not have the energy or strength to spare to rear another life. I was wrong.

Aaron Baker
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I have c6 injury and I have lots of spasm in my whole body. What can you suggest to help?
I have found that consistent stretching, light exercise, plenty of water, quality food and rest all affect my spasticity.