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celebrate safely

An Unconventional Holiday Season

Celebrate Safely With the holidays fast approaching and COVID-19 seeming to make a second surge, our...

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weightless environment for sci

The Benefits of Water Therapy

A Weightless Environment For SCI Wellness Water is the abundant and essential compound of which all...

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spinal cord injury first 90 days

The First 90 Days: Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

The onset of a spinal cord injury is devastating on so many levels, for so many reasons, not only...

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spinal cord injury awareness month

September Is…

Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month With the advent of social media, it seems every calendar month...

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can I be a good father with a spinal cord injury

Can I Be A Good Father With A Spinal Cord Injury?

Fatherhood Fears For many years I have held a worrisome little fear in the back of my mind: “Can I...

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accessible adventure travel organizations

How to Find Accessible Adventures

My Top 7 Accessible Adventure Travel Organizations Despite COVID-19 getting in the way of...

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adapt the adventure

Adapt the Adventure: Exploring Off-Road with SCI

Kirk Williams C6-7 Quadriplegic fishing from his uniquely modified adventure van “Spock” The...

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Mental Health During Quarantine

Staying Active & Connected It has been 5,218 days of quarantine and I do not know about you…...

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covid 19 rapid antibody test

What to Expect with a COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test

This January, I came down with flu-like symptoms but tested negative for the flu. With the COVID-19 outbreak, I could not help but think – did I have it?

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covid 19 resources for the disabled

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy: COVID-19 Resources

From articles to apps, we have rounded up some resources for readers of all abilities during this pandemic to be better informed and prepare accordingly.

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I have c6 injury and I have lots of spasm in my whole body. What can you suggest to help?
I have found that consistent stretching, light exercise, plenty of water, quality food and rest all affect my spasticity.