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The Power of Written Intention

Aaron Baker
Spinal Cord Injury Lifestyle Specialist | Shield HealthCare
07/24/16  8:30 AM PST
The Power of Written Intention

The Power of Written Intention-

“I Will Walk” was a mental mantra I repeated to myself frequently after my injury. It was the first thing that came to mind when looking at a blank piece of paper. The image I posted for this blog entry is of my first written words as a recovering quadriplegic. There is great power in visualization and the expression of written intention.

When a thought or an idea is written down onto paper, it has been literally manifested into reality, thus creating a sort of tangible projection. This can now be observed and studied by the person at will.

I can remember the first time I wrote down a desire; I was instructed to do so by JR, my racing mechanic, and a friend who believed in me and in my ability to ride a motorcycle.  As a young teenager in 1993 I wrote on a piece of poster board, “I will be a National Champion” and hung it over my bed.  Two years later I held a #1 plate and was an Amateur Motocross National Champion.  Since then, I have written down many projections, ideas, thoughts and desires, all with the intention of manifesting and creating my own reality. The birth of the words “I Will Walk” came when a pen was taped to my left hand and was guided by a cable harness contraption that allowed my arm to move more freely.  That paper hung in my rehab hospital room and then in my room at home. I am now walking.

There are many more profound examples of success that are still hanging in my office. There are even some taped to the mirror in my room.  Every day I stare at these letters and visualize their meaning, meditating and willing them to become real for me and for those around me. Written affirmative intentions for your mind, body, and soul hold the key to success.

Visualize, Transcribe and Materialize…your dreams.

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