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STAR Kids Rollout Webinar – Slides

Aimee Sharp
Author | Shield HealthCare
10/13/16  1:37 PM PST

For anyone who missed our recent “STAR Kids Rollout – What You Need to Know” webinar, presented by Lamarque Polvado, founder of CareStarter – you can find the slides that were used in the webinar by clicking the button below.

We did record this webinar in hopes of being able to share a video of it, but due to technical difficulties, glitches in the audio on the recording made the video unusable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


For more information, find related articles and resources here:

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  • STAR Kids Helpline: 1-877-782-6440
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  • Go to www.txmedicaidevents.com for enrollment events in your area
  • Call the health plan directly
  • If you still need help, call the Ombudsman Managed Care Assistance Team: 1-866-566-8989
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