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A Shield HealthCare Customer Loving Life

Gina Flores
Caregiver Advocate | Shield HealthCare
09/13/12  8:00 AM PST

Special thanks to Kris in California who expressed his gratitude for the catheter supplies and dependable service he receives from Shield HealthCare.

Kris wrote,

“… I consider myself a caregiver, because I have been cathing myself since summer of 2008 when I was 17 years old in high school. I was diagnosed with an unresponsive Neurogenic bladder, which causes me to self-cath myself every day at least three times a day. My bladder fails to release urine from my bladder, because my nerves no longer communicate with my brain which results in me self-cathing myself. Since then I have never failed to miss a day of cathing myself with the love and support from my doctors, family and the support from Shield HealthCare. With the support of Shield HealthCare, my catheters and other supplies have always been on time and always supplied me with the efficient amount of catheters from time to time. Again I want to thank you for aiding me in my need to self-cath and to continue to live my life freely with a peace of mind that health will not get the best of me.

I caregive to myself in self-cathing, making sure I am mentally and physically stable and of course making sure I reach my goals in life. I am young and I face many obstacles in life because of my neurogenic bladder, but because of Shield HealthCare, motivation from loved ones and caregiving to myself, I am proud to say that I am still here standing and loving every bit of life.”

Thank you, Kris. you’re an inspiration!

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