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A Thoughtful Note of Thanks from a Spinal Cord Injury Nurse…

Brooke Phillips, CWCMS
Editor | Shield HealthCare
10/02/13  11:18 PM PST
Spinal Cord Injury Nurse

Special thanks to Amy, a spinal cord injury nurse from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, for the thoughtful note of appreciation…

Amy wrote,

“…I am writing to express my satisfaction with Shield HealthCare. Over the past 2 years, Shield has become my ‘go to’ company when dealing with patient supplies. I am a spinal cord injury nurse and work with many patients who will need bowel and bladder care for the rest of their lives. The support staff at Shield has always been available and extremely helpful. They make what can be a frustrating process, go very smoothly.

Sincerely, Amy”

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your satisfation!  We are honored to be a dependable resource for the nursing community.

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