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Wet-to-Dry: Substandard Wound Care Recorded Webinar

Danny Nguyen
Author | Shield HealthCare
04/27/18  9:49 AM PST
Wound Care

Pictured: Trauma caused by wet-to-dry dressing.

Wet-to-Dry: Substandard Wound Care – Presented by Dr. Don Wollheim, MD, FAPWCA, WCC, DWC, Clinical Instructor with the Wound Care Education Institute has already taken place. However, you can watch a recording of the video.

CE Contact Hours are no longer offered for this webinar.

Click here for a link to download the webinar outline/handout. The slides from this webinar are property of the Wound Care Education Institute and are not available for download.

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If you would like to watch the webinar, you can also find the full webinar here on Vimeo.

Webinar Overview:

Wet-to-dry dressings may be appropriate in some circumstances, but the evidence reveals they offer substandard care. There are better alternatives.

Numerous studies and health care guidelines have repeatedly deemed wet-to-dry gauze dressings as a substandard practice, painful, labor intensive and not cost effective. Despite all the findings, wet-to-dry gauze dressings are still one of the most frequently ordered treatments in the United States. We will review indications and contraindications of wet-to-dry dressings and offer options and alternatives for clinicians to utilize for wound treatment.

Webinar Objectives:

1. Discuss indications and contraindications for Wet-to-Dry Dressings
2. Choose evidence based wound debridement options based upon wound characteristics

Dr. Don Wollheim

About Dr. Don Wollheim, MD, FAPWCA, WCC, DWC, Clinical Instructor with the Wound Care Education Institute

Dr. Wollheim is Board Certified in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgery. He has 25+ years of experience in general and vascular surgery and wound care, as well as extensive experience in medical-legal consulting and instructor of college advance science courses. His teaching style includes emphasizing the fundamental concepts of wound care, incorporating additional visual aids, and utilizing clinical scenarios during his presentations.



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  1. Mary T.
    Posted August 28, 2019 at 3:55 pm PDT

    I am a registered nurse and in January of 2018 I watched an entire video on wound care for CE credit. I would like to have a certificate displaying that I watched this video and submitted it for CE Credit. The Course was entitled Wet to Dry Wound Care/Shield Health Care/Donald Wolheim M.D./ 1/31/2018

  2. Sarah Sanchez
    Posted September 24, 2019 at 10:02 am PDT

    Hi Mary. To receive credit for watching the webinar please contact the Wound Care Education Institute. The webinar page: Wet-to-Dry: Substandard Care.

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