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Enteral Nutrition Support Newsletter 2017 – Vol. 1

In this edition of our enteral nutrition support newsletter, we address preparing your home for tube feeding, our upcoming webinar, ENFit and more.

Aimee Sharp
Declining an Interview

Professionally Declining an Interview

It is never a good idea to turn down an interview when searching for new employment. However, if you have successfully secured a new position or find yourself no longer interested in an opportunity it is important to turn down a further interview professionally. Doing this is a courtesy to both the company and other… Continue reading Professionally Declining an Interview

Jessica Kolber
Health Secretary

Senate Panel to Vote on President Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary

In this article originally published by the Chicago Tribune, learn more about President Donald Trump's nominee for health secretary.

Aimee Sharp
home health value-based purchasing

Home Health Value-Based Purchasing: Updates for 2017

An overview of Home Health Value-Based Purchasing and how to prepare for it, with notes on 2017 payment adjustments.

Sarah McIlvaine
Accidental Bowel Leakage

ABL: Accidental Bowel Leakage

When the word “incontinent” is used it can mean more than bladder leakage: it’s can also mean ABL, for Accidental Bowel Leakage, AKA Fecal Incontinence.

Aimee Sharp
special needs

What “Special Needs” Means to a Parent

"Special needs" may be a controversial term, but for parents of special needs children it denotes the supports and services their children need to thrive.

Amy Noelle Collen
developmental disabilities

Nutrition-Related Issues Common to Developmental Disabilities

Developmental disabilities can make it hard to meet a child's nutrition needs. Use this guide to identify some of the common nutrition-related issues.

Amy Long Carrera, MS, RD, CNSC, CWCMS
Prostate Cancer

Treat Older Prostate Cancer Patients According to Fitness, Not Age: Guidelines

Originally published on Fox News: learn why new guidelines say that the men's treatment should be based on their individual health status, not on their age.

Aimee Sharp
Aging Parent at Home

Caring for an Aging Family Member at Home

In this article by Marla Beck, Columnist for the Madison Park Times, she gives advice about how to help care for an aging family member at home.

Aimee Sharp

Illinois Residents Make Pledge to Go Sugarless on Wednesdays

Originally Published in the Lawndale News The American Heart Association, Senator Mattie Hunter from Illinois’ third district, and other Illinois legislators are spearheading an initiative to implement Sugarless Wednesday across the state – a campaign to develop healthier communities by changing the overall lifestyle of residents with one small change. This program will take place every… Continue reading Illinois Residents Make Pledge to Go Sugarless on Wednesdays

Aimee Sharp
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