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Healthy Arteries

Healthy Arteries Rare But Not Impossible For Elderly

In this article originally published on Reuters Health, read about how healthy arteries can still be a possibility if a certain lifestyle is maintained.

Aimee Sharp
Breastfeeding FAQs

Breastfeeding FAQs: Part I

Here are our first three breastfeeding FAQs for those of you who are interested in breastfeeding your infants - click to read!

Aimee Sharp
Kidney Cancer Treatment

Spokane Urology at Forefront of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Spokane Urology at Forefront of Kidney Cancer Treatment – By Kevin Blocker for the Spokane Journal With offices on the lower South Hill and North Spokane, urologists at Spokane Urology are blowing away the national average for using robotics technology to remove tumors and cancerous portions from kidneys, claims one of the practice’s six managing partners. Dr.… Continue reading Spokane Urology at Forefront of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Aimee Sharp
special needs child: toilet habits

Children with Special Needs: Toilet Habits After Malone (MACE) and Mitrofanoff Procedures

In this video, Ben’s mom talks about why they decided to have these procedures and how it's helped with toilet habits for her special needs child.

Alethea Mshar
Activities of Daily Living

Webinar Video and Slides: Activities of Daily Living – Tips & Tricks for the Caregiver

OASIS requires the assessment of eight ADLs, or basic self-care activities. Improving ADLs can affect both reimbursement and quality of life.

Aimee Sharp
the care act

The CARE Act: Caring for Family Caregivers

The CARE Act is designed to support caregivers when patients go into the hospital, and when patients are discharged to their homes.

Sarah McIlvaine
trump healthcare bill

Trump Health Care is Delayed on Journey to the Senate

What the Trump healthcare bill could mean for people with pre-existing conditions, those with chronic illness, and seniors.

Sarah McIlvaine
Swimming Ostomy

Tips for Swimming with an Ostomy – More Security | Ask Laura

In this Ask Laura, a daughter asks how her 89-year-old mother who recently had ostomy surgery can have more security in the pool.

Laura Cox, LPC
shield healthcare newsletter

May eNews: National Nurses Week and More

Welcome to the Shield HealthCare Newsletter for May 2017. Our articles this month focus on nurses, ostomies and urological products.

Aimee Sharp
Parkinson’s Patients

Memorial Sportscare Boxing Program a Hit With Parkinson’s Patients

Originally published by The State Journal-Register - read about this popular boxing program that takes place at the Springfield YMCA in Illinois.

Aimee Sharp
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